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Be a Role Model for your kids

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Be a Role Model for your kids

It’s very often that parents come to me asking the very question, “My kid is playing chess from several years but there is no significant improvement in his/ her game, what should we do?” – The common thing I found in such players is the lack of interest in playing chess or lack of motivation to book that victory in the tournament. As per my understanding and experience, there are few steps that can be followed right from the early age of the kid that will surely help your kid to improve in chess and will boost your child’s interest in the game.

1. Be a Role Model:

· The 1st hero of every child are their parents and the most favorite hobbies are the ones that their parents have. Hence it becomes very vital that parents do play chess with their kids to ensure the early interest is generated among the kids.

· Start by playing chess with your child yourself. It's easier than you think. Keep a chess set in common area at home which is always available to the child.

· Start or support a chess club or academic curriculum in your child's school and in your community and get him or her involved. Keep a travel chess set in your car and encourage your children to play during long trips.

· Make chess a regular activity in the life of your child. Begin teaching your child with simple forms of the game, and like reading, help your child grow into greater understanding and complexity.

2. Appreciation:

· Appreciate the child just enough to keep the interest of learning chess maintained.

· Play multiple games with the kid and intentionally loose a few games that will boost your kid to work hard to earn more points against you.

3. Puzzles:

· Constantly provide puzzles to the kid based on their level and try solving it along with them.

· Play several puzzle based games with the kid to boost their confidence.


IA Anurag Singh


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