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Chess – Profession or Hobby?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Many Parents approach me with a question – “Shall we promote our kid to be a professional chess player or a hobby chess player?” I believe this question is there with every parents who are spending a lot of time and money on their kid’s chess training. Fortunately the answer is very simple for this complicated question.

Answer: Today professional chess has taken a boon with lots of money flow in the game making it a perfect profession for chess players. We already have 100’s of examples of people in every part of the world, who have managed to craft out a full-time career in chess. However we even have enough examples of players who have not chosen chess as a career and have gone toward different profession based on their interests. However wherever this players have landed there Job, one thing is very common in everyone that they have excelled, the reason I believe is that Chess developed the players enthusiasm and approach toward whatever they do in their life.

To keep the long answer short – at the younger age, player do not have much academic restrictions, Let them play chess and let them decide whether they want to take it as a profession or if they want to proceed with chess as a hobby. If they manage to excel in chess then they will automatically become a professional else they will definitely excel to whatever career path they choose.

Career Options Available in Chess:

1. As a Player

2. As an Arbiter

3. As a Coach/ Trainer

4. As an Organizer

5. Chess Writer

6. Several other opportunities available as well

All the above has shown great prospect in recent past to be an excellent career option if worked with a proper approach.


IA Anurag Singh

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